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      filter nonwoven
      shoes nonwoven
      textile nonwoven
      garments nonwoven
      auto-interlining nonwoven
      packaging nonwoven
      Functional nonwoven
      cleaning nonwoven material
      decoration nonwoven
      Geotextile nonwoven
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      Contact Us
      Mail:chenchao@jiahe.com.hk OR jh2624888@hotmail.com
      Address:Building 6, China Aerospace Park, Zhongkai, Huizhou, China
      About Us

         Huizhou Jiahe Industry Co., Ltd is located in Huizhou, a famous city of Guangdong Province, and was founded in March, 2004.

         The Shareholders of Jiahe Industry started the research and sales of Chemical Fiber since 1997, and devoted on Recycling Resources to make great efforts and contribution to the global environment.

          After the establishment of Jiahe Industry, we still keep holding the Chemical Fiber Business Division, and founded Huizhou Jiahe Nonwoven Co., Ltd, Huizho......[See all]

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